Sudraba rotu darbnīcas 2017. gada martā

Damberga dizaina studija acina uz Sudraba rotu darbnīcām Kalnciema kvartālā.

4.martā plkst. 14.30. Sudraba rotu liešanas darbnīca  ar Silverdesign Sudraba māliem. 3 stundu laikā no formas izveidošanas līdz dedzināšanai ar gāzes degli un sudraba rotas tonēšanai.

Dalības maksa: 20 eiro. Piesakies: vai 29616696

11. un 18. martā  plkst. 14.30.  JAUNUMS! 2 nodarbību kurss Rotkaļiem ar priekšzināsanām. Izgatavosim sudraba rotaslietu no idejas līdz realizācijai materiālā, ar (al- ) ķīmijijas palīdzību pieškirsim sudrablietai toni, vīlēsim un pulēsim, strādāsim ar sudraba stiepli un dažādu veidu stiprinājumiem..

Kursā īpaši gaidīti tie dalībnieki, kas jau bijuši Sudraba rotu liešanas darbnīcā un gatavi srādāt ar sarežģītākām formām.

Dalības maksa: 50 eiro. Piesakies: vai 29616696 .  Vietu skaits ierobežots!

What is dry silver powder mix?

Silver.Design's silver mix is a powder which, when mixed with a small amount of water, forms a clay-like mass from which 99.99 pure silver jewellery can be made. It is not an already pre-mixed clay as are many metal clays, but is a pre-mixed dry powder.

As a dry powder you can mix as little, or as much, clay as you need to complete your project. As a powder, you can keep your material for an indefinite time without having to worry about it drying into a solid mass.

Mixing the silver powder with water

Estimate the amount of powder you will need for your project. Pour that amount into a small bowl, and begin slowly adding distilled water by means of a syringe. Take care not to add too much water at one time. Mix the water droplets into the powder, using a small wooden mixing stick such as a coffee stirrer, so that the powder begins to form clumps. Keep adding a few small drops of water while kneading the clumps with the mixer until a more or less uniform mass of metal clay forms.

For 5 grams of Silver99 powder mix you should require only about 1.5 to 1.8cc of water.

Cover your hands with a very thin coat of olive oil, and from now on massage the clay mass with your fingers.

Continue massaging the metal clay mass.

Start with about 1.3cc of water and while kneading the mass, add minute amounts of water, until the edges of the mass hold together and do not fracture when squeezed flat between your thumb and forefinger. Now your silver clay is ready to be transformed into jewellery.

Using this clay in it's moist form, create your art work. Allow it to dry thoroughly, using a drying tool such as a coffee mug warmer.

Pre-finish your art work

Do all filing, repairing and final forming as you normally do, to get your piece ready for firing.

Fire your piece

Fire your piece using your favourite method.

You can fire by torch, hob/gas stove or muffle, depending on the result you want to achieve.

Finish the piece

File, sand and polish the piece to your satisfaction then colour the surface, should you wish to do so.


The silver powder, and its constituent parts, are safe for all of reasonable age and sensibility to use.

However, since firing is done at a high temperature, it should be done under the close supervision of a competent adult. 

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